R&D Capability

3Excel R & D staff has an average of seven years of professional experience in the field of automotive industry and technology. We have continuously developed enhanced our existing products as well as introducing new products in the market place. As a matter of policy, we only hire professional staff with at least 7 years of experience in the Automotive and Technology. As part of on-going 3Excel commitment to master the field of automotive equipment products are carefully evaluated using over 3,000 users and feedback provided by them. This helps 3Excel constanly listening and responding to customers demands in a very competitive market. This effort has lead to products that are very easy to use and operate using the basic features or wizard were a non-technical person can easily follow and learn.

Quality Control

3Excel Company is committed to using highest quality material in manufacturing its products. A very restricted quality and revision control systems guarantees 3Excel products are free from any defects. Not one unit leaves the company unless it is 100% tested on the hardware and software level.

Marketing Support

The core sales and marketing of 3Excek is purely driven by end users and distributors. We work closely with our distributors and request continous feedback from them and this units that are sold to end users. This will allow 3Excel to keep its hands on the pulse of what the market demands and provide solutions that meet and often exceeds customer requirement and expecatations.

After Sales Service

The technical support center provides a standby of 24*7 hours. The service hotline 86--4008—111—750 is ready to help distributors and end--users solve problems at any time. The flexible point-to-point technical trainings help the distributors and end users improve their repair techniques effectively, quickly and efficiently. The database of the software can be upgraded free of charge in its life to make sure that the users can keep up with the development of auto market.