Main specification:

Colors Available: Black +Blue
Voltage: 110V-220V, 50HZ.
Working Temperature:-20’C—50”C (Industrial Level)
Relative Humidity:≤90%
Gross Weight: 181 KG.
Net Weight:133KG
Measurement:1.4 CBM
Packing: Plywood Case.
Certificate: CE.
Language: Chinese, English, Polish, Russia.

Product Configuration:

Items                                                                                         Quantity Cabinet                                                                                               One
Dell Computer                                                                                     One
Sensors(Zigbee Communication     )                                                    Four
Steering lock                                                                                       One
Adjustment gasket                                                                              Five
Pedal Depressor                                                                                  One
Mechanical Turntable                                                                          Two
Four-point clamp                                                                                 Four
Communication Box ( Zigbee Communication  )                                   One
6-M emergency charging wire                                                             Two
Canon Deskiet printer                                                                          One
Instructional Manual                                                                            One
Wheel Clamp fastener                                                                          Four
Adjustment screw                                                                                 Two

Functions & Features:

1. The measurement accuracy is up to 0.01° (the highest accuracy in the market)
2. Infrared 8-beam CCD (Charge Coupled Device) is a full loop measurement system.
3. Bluetooth sensors have anti-jamming function that guarantees the stable running of the system under complex working conditions.
4. Customer-feedback reminder: timely reminds users to report, review and follow up system performance so that the manufacturer can provide personal service to each user on time.
5. Special taxi inspection mode, enhance the taxi running efficiency.
6. Black box function, record the working information, enhance the solution efficiency.
7. The front toe sensor and obliquity display are visible and convenient without the remote controller (9 screens display).
8. 3D animation demo system makes operations easy to learn.
9. The main board with the high-performance CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device) chip dramatically speeds up calculation, simplifies the printed circuit board and reduces the failure rate.
10. Recognizes the ultra-low chassis automatically, convenient for checking the cars with ultra-low chassis or streamlined shape cars.
11. Two-lift adjustment function.
12. Independent front wheels alignment function.
13. Voice function, easy to operate even if the people with little or no experience.
14. Probe self-check function, warning automatically when finds any deviation. (International leading technology).
15. Platform adjustment function, it can be used to adjust the platform deviations caused by any kinds of lift or even the pit to ensure the measurement precisely.

 Measurement Range and Precisions:

Item                             Measurement Precision             Measurement Range          

Total toe                                    ±4′(±0.02º)                                                  ±4º
Individual toe                            ±2′(±0.01º)                                                  ±2º
Camber                                     ±2′(±0.03º)                                                  ±4º
Castor                                       ±6′(±0.1º)                                                     ±18º
SAI / KPI                                   ±6′(±0.1º)                                                    ±18º
Setback                                     ±2′(±0.03º)                                                  ±2º
Thrust angle                              ±2′(±0.03º)                                                  ±2º